Global Workforce

Quadratic is able to scale its services through an Offshore Development Center (ODC) located in Hyderabad, India. The purpose of our ODC setup is to:

  • Provide an elastic resource pool of qualified candidates who can ramp-up and down for projects.
  • Our focus is on Full-stack Development, Analytics, BI,  and ML/AI platform development
  • Act as a research hub  for both our customers as well as Quadratic’s competencies

Our Offshore Development Center is made up of a dedicated team of programmers and developers hand picked to complement a customer’s skill set and culture. This unique team works exclusively on behalf of the customer in a secure environment.

Best Practices to consider for successful global delivery:

  • Acceptance Criteria: Well-defined acceptance criteria with production-like boundaries
  • Methodology: Agile mindset and method training.
  • Documentation: Centralize documentation for teams across.
  • Visibility: Full visibility into project status by maintaining metrics of planned tasks vs. unplanned tasks.
  • Communication: A variety of communication methods like: videoconferencing, IM, Web collaboration tools, project portal repository.
  • Overlapping work hours: The teams should have overlapping work hours.
  • Offshore Representative: An offshore representative should be part of the daily Scrum.
  • Resource mix: An ideal project resource split: 20% customer resources, 30% IT onsite resources and 50% IT global resources.
  • Retention: Retention of client’s business knowledge is key.

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We offer


Customer can visit Offshore Development Center (ODC) and with Programmers, project Managers to see with whom they are working with

Value based collaboration

Integrity, trust and respect are some of the values which are important when working together.


We speak in same frequency as customer speaks

24x7 availability

Dedicated team for your needs

Conducive Environment

Dedicated infrastructure, as software and hardware that is aligned with the customer requirements


Security policy which adheres to Customer standards and requirements