Employee Referral Program

The purpose of the Employee Referral Program is to recruit high quality talent in hard-to-fill, mission critical, and highly competitive positions.Quadratic Systems, Inc. will issue a per instance award as stated in any job description, less applicable taxes, to a current regular employee whose referral is subsequently hired by Quadratic Systems, Inc. for an open,eligible full-time position and who remains in that position for six continuous months in good performance standing.

Recruiting great talent is important for Quadratic Systems’s continued growth and success. The market for recruiting talent is challenging and the competition is quickly increasing. The employee referral program is intended to bring in the best possible talent for Quadratic Systems and supports the company’s mission of equal employment opportunity for all candidates.

To participate in this program, a person must send an email for each employee referral to newhires@quadratic.com. This email must be received before the referred applicant applies for an open position.

Quadratic Systems may change or revise the program, including the eligibility criteria and award amount, or terminate the program, at any time, at its discretion.

To be eligible to receive an employee referral award, the following criteria must be met:

Candidate Eligibility

  • Candidates must not be currently employed by Quadratic Systems.
  • Candidates must meet the basic qualifications for employee referral award-eligible positions.
  • Candidates must follow the prescribed application process for the position.
  • Candidates must accept an offer for full-time employment into an award-eligible position, and must still be employed by Quadratic Systems in that position for six continuous months in good performance standing.
  • The “six continuous months in good performance” will include the candidate’s initial ninety (90) day period as a consultant if applicable.

Award Eligibility

  • Each Quadratic Systems position eligible for the referral bonus will be indicated on the Quadratic Systems website, which will be updated on a regular basis.
  • In the event the same candidate is referred by more than one person, the person who submitted the referral form first will receive credit for the referral.
  • Quadratic Systems Human Resources will notify the referrer of the pending award if the referral is hired.
  • A sum of $3000 will be awarded for the referral to the eligible employee
  • All referral awards are subject to applicable tax withholding.

Referral Bonus Eligibility

  • Referrer may not be involved in the hiring process of the eligible position
  • All Quadratic Systems Director level staff and above, as well as
  • Quadratic Systems Human Resource staff, are not eligible for the referral bonus.