AI algorithms and advanced analytics have an immense potential into software development, offering seamless real-time decisions at scale.

AI applications can perform complex and intelligent functions associated with human thinking. By capturing and analysing data from a variety of sources, which include sensors, remote inputs and microchips. 5 AI platforms that transform and automate the modern software development

Machine Learning

With the Google Cloud AI Platform offering an integrated toolchain, software developers \ can easily develop machine learning models and expedite the development and deployment process.

Deep Learning

Google Cloud AI Platform offers pre-configured Virtual Machines (VMs) to help software developers create deep learning applications. They can provision VMs on the Google Cloud that encapsulates popular AI frameworks. Besides software developers can also launch Google Compute Engine instances with already installed popular AI frameworks like sci-kit-learn, TensorFlow and PyTorch.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The Google Cloud AI Platform offers NLP capabilities, to help software developers find out the structure and meaning of a text. Google NLP capabilities can be used to analyse text, with Google NLP API which is a RESTful API.