The fortune 100 Firm set out to revamp their Enterprise content Management Platform to store original business objects. Objects that are created/stored as part of the business process and are to be leveraged to assist/support business in true sense - This could be for daily operations or for legal purposes.

Business Challenges:

UDP was re-architected to move all the off-prem infrastructure to on-premis inorder to meet requirements for supporting business critical applications and data as part of the transformative growth. In order to move the platform on-premise, there were a number of design and implementation complications like thinking about component-level interactions in new ways.Increasing the component instances to handle a huge data load, Check of virus when uploading the file thus providing security.

Solutions Delivered:

  • Spring Boot micro services
  • Pivotal cloud Foundry (PCF)
  • On-Prem S3 object store (Scality) for data storage
  • MongoDB to store metadata of the objects stored
  • Apache kafka for communication between components
  • Splunk for logging.
  • Iris monitor to check and alert the component health.
  • Jenkins for CI/CD