Business Problem

A medium sized AI company (customer) that brings a unique blend of domain experience and an advanced algorithmic tool kit were helping financial institutions with consent orders and delivered path breaking high value products. Their vast experience in Banking enabled them to implement an AI suite in a manner that it fits the domain perfectly.

However, the firm was running into problems regularly in delivering the solutions to production on time due to the following issues:

  • Training models at scale
  • Data acquisition for exploratory analysis
  • Consistent interface for training and serving
  • Deployment to production
  • Monitoring the model performance

Solutions Delivered:

Quadratic has built a set of accelerators for enabling Ml/AI Model Lifecycle as a MLOPS suite. This platform enabled the customer to quickly build models, train and deploy in a repeatable fashion.


  • Reduced model development time by 80%
  • Reduced deployment costs by 90%
  • Consistent model development methodology across the data science teams with collaboration.
  • Over 200% ROI in less than one year