Risk and Portfolio Analysis

Risk - Analytics - Performance (RAP) is the centralized management of processes, methods, and technologies used by project managers and project

Hadoop & Analytics

Hadoop is a rapidly evolving Open Source framework scalable for processing huge datasets in distributed systems.It enables users to store and ...

Mobile Application Development

Quadratic’s Mobile Applications Development Services offer complete end-to-end development and delivery of mobile applications.. ...

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Our Features

We’re a passionate Business Analytics Company thrilled to help you make the right decisions by harnessing the power of Big Data

Risk Analytics

We are at the forefront of helping organizations use advanced analytics for risk management. Organizations want to harness data that is locked in silos and a variety of external sources

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Big Data

Our approach has evolved to develop the industry’s best practices and techniques. Our overall strategy guides organizations through an interdisciplinary approach complemented by our advanced analytic solutions that maximize ROI.

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Data Visualization

At Quadratics, our experience goes beyond the design and development of dashboards. We understand the complete dynamics involved in building an effective dashboard..

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Let Your Data Speaks

Quadratic Technology Solutions is transforming how decisions are made. Explore how we fuse analytics, data and technology to deliver results..

Your data has a lot to say about your business. Dynamic dashboards and reports are the lenses that help leaders consume and explore their data from many perspectives and with better clarity.

  • Intelligent Dashboards
  • Managed Reporting Services
  • Big Data Visualization
  • Mobile BI
  • BI Platform Expertise

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Our Products

Quadratic delivers cost effective, sustainable, and business-oriented services and solutions to our customers and partners. At the core of our engagement delivery methodology lays our clients’ business drivers and their strategic interests.